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This summer do you want to learn something new to keep up the speed and continue the Learning curve? Select from one of the following subjects and we will be happy to help you !!

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We provide Maths grinds for all the levels. Leaving cert, Junior cert and Higher maths. We help you solve complicated problems in a very understanding and simple way.


We help you understand the basic concepts of Physics so that you can score maximum marks in the exams.


From the start of Physical chemistry to Organic and Inorganic Chemistry we work with you in getting up to speed with all the chapters

Vedic Maths

Want to learn shortcuts to avoid calculators? Tips and tricks are very useful when it comes to Maths problems. Nobody likes a long and boring way to solve a problem that is more error-prone. It also helps in a quick way to correct answers.

Computer Programming

Do you want to learn how to code? We provide grinds in C, C++, Java, JavaScript and other programming languages. For the younger ones, we help in games (Scratch etc.)

Puzzles & riddles

Puzzles 🧩 riddles are important in building understanding and shaping up knowledge, playing with numbers in a fun way.

Subjects: List
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